How to Add Hard Drives to TrueNAS Scale

I am running and testing the latest TrueNAS Scale version 22.02 on my Proxmox server. It runs pretty well without any issues. You can read my previous article to discover how to install TrueNAS SCALE on Proxmox. I want to share how to add extra hard drives to TrueNAS. These additional drives will be used to store data, create a pool, and so on.

If you are running TrueNAS on Proxmox as mine, you can follow this guide below to add more hard drives to the existing TrueNAS

In the example above, I added two hard drives, 10 GB each to my TrueNAS virtual machine. Now let’s boot TrueNAS SCALE and configure our new hard disks. To see the disks, go to Storage | disks. We should be able to see our new hard disks here.

After all the disks are detected in TrueNAS, we can create a new Pool. A Pool is required to create new samba shares, NFS, and so on. In the following example, I created a new pool with Stripe mode (not recommended by TrueNAS).

Done. Now we can start creating Samba shares and other storage services. Thanks for reading this article. We will see you in the next article. For more information about TrueNAS, please visit the official website.

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